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Chryston Primary School Homework

Homework was reviewed with children, parents and staff in 2015 and was changed accordingly . Parents felt that they wanted less choice tasks and compulsory Literacy and Maths tasks for each week. Staff had felt that the monthly format did not allow the homework to reflect upon current learning. Pupils were in agreement with both the parents and the staff that the homework should be refreshed.

Children are  now issued with a new homework sheet  on a fortnightly basis –

Each week there are now core tasks  for Literacy/English and Mathematics/Numeracy to be completed alongside one choice task. The reading, spelling and the Big Maths learn its are also on this sheet for parents and carers to see what is the current focus.

The homework can often be accessed in the class blogs as well. Because the homework in each class is differentiated, it can be difficult to upload a homework sheet to the blogs.

Sample P5 homework

This year (2018) we are currently in discussions with staff with regards to further changes in the homework. However, we will involve you prior to  making any decisions on further changes.

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