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Nuclear Medicine Cover Letters

Here's a combination resume sample for a Nuclear Medicine Technologist who has just finished his college degree and an internship. This resume will help him get his first "real" job in his new field, which is a slight career change from his former work as a Pharmacy Assistant.

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About This Sample Combination Resume for a Nuclear Medicine Technologist

With very little work, an employer reading this resume can spot what Fayed (not his real name) has to offer. Here are things to note.

  • Professional title at the top. Fayed has earned the title of Nuclear Medicine Technologist through his education and internship. By using that title at the top of his resume instead of a job objective statement, he promotes himself as someone who is a Nuclear Med Tech, not a wannabe.
  • Education section. Because Fayed's college degrees and coursework are relevant to his career objective, he placed his Education section near the top of his resume, right under the Profile section.
  • Keywords and skills. With lists of coursework, certifications, and skills, this resume is loaded with keywords that are key to the success of Fayed's job search.
  • Skill headings. In the Experience section, Fayed grouped his bullet point statements under two skill headings. Notice how he added "training included" to each of those skill headings ("Technical training included" and "Administrative training included"). He did this because he wanted to be completely honest about the level of his experience.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

Fayed's resume and the other resume examples in this collection were created using resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

After Fayed wrote his resume, he sent it to a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team for review. If you want some free advice on how to write your resume, please go to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Resume Samples

Nuclear Medicine Technologists use scanners to create images of areas of a patient's body, then prepare radioactive drugs and administer them to the patients undergoing the scans. Sample resumes in this field highlight duties such as scheduling; receiving radioactive shipments; starting IVs; administering radiopharmaceuticals, cardiac stress agents and medications for intervention studies; processing and analyzing patient data for physician interpretation; and notifying the reading physician if a critical result is noted. Nuclear Medicine Technologists typically need to show an associate's degree in nuclear medicine technology on their resumes.

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Technical Director/lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist

I assisted the Cardiologist in setting up and opening the clinic to perform Nuclear Cardiology procedures. I directed the implementation of the radiation safety program, quality control program, and the billing procedures for reimbursement. Once the clinic was opened, I was appointed technical director of the laboratory and I prepared the application for ICANL accreditation. Within one year ICANL accreditation was granted.

  • Wrote the Nuclear Laboratory's policy and procedure manual per industry standards
  • Completed Nuclear Cardiology procedures for physician interpretation
  • Implemented a policy and procedure for pharmacologic stress testing per ACC guidelines
  • Directed the daily operation of the laboratory including the radiopharmacy equipment and quality control of the SPECT gamma camera
  • Followed and maintained the radiation safety program under the direction of the Radiation Safety Officer

Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist

[company name] is a private practice that offers premier diagnostic capabilities. As a Chief Technologist, I developed skills in diagnostic procedures as well as management, organization, and patient service excellence

  • Supervised four technologists and three clerical staff to provide safe, quality, service excellence in all patient care areas.
  • Performed all cases in the field of nuclear medicine
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities by mentoring four students per year. Taught techniques for students to perform various types of diagnostic tests.
  • Assisted with lectures about radiation safety and cardiac imaging.
  • Updated the department to California Department of Public Health expectations

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Conducted adult and geriatric nuclear medicine procedures for the award winning hospital based in Central California.

  • Assured quality control of radiopharmaceuticals, including calibrations
  • Performed radioimmunoassay studies that assessed the behavior of radioactive substances inside the body
  • Prepared radiopharmaceuticals and adhered to safety standards that kept the radiation doses to co-workers and patients as low as possible
  • Kept patient records and recorded the amount and type of radionuclides received, disposed of, and used

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Planned, directed and supervised with the aspects of the nuclear medicine clinic regarding the services, programs, and evaluation of programs and provided that input to the leading petty officer

  • Completed 897 nuclear medicine studies.
  • Monitored and ensured department was in 100% compliance with Navy Environmental Health Commission and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Responsible for the oversight of 21 sealed radioactive materials and through his diligence of accountability maintained 100% accuracy and zero discrepancies during The Joint Commission and Bureau of Medicine and Surgery surveys.
  • Maintained budget for department of $126M and $3M worth of nuclear medicine equipment and radio isotope.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures of medical and surgical studies.

Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Solely responsible for five Nuclear Medicine departments; expected to keep all departments up to standard with both NRC and ICANL regulations

  • Worked independently daily
  • Created and implemented protocols
  • Managed ancillary clinical staff involved in nuclear medicine procedures
  • Performed a wide variety of studies, specializing in nuclear cardiology as well as general nuclear medicine studies
  • Worked with multiple physicians at each site to create a well-functioning successful nuclear medicine department that provided excellent patient care
  • Maintained each department including the hot lab, tracking and ordering supplies as well as radiopharmaceuticals, gamma cameras, processing stations

Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Subject Matter Expert and Technical Leader for nuclear medicine department, education and training, and marketing and promotion.
Key Achievements:

  • Reduced department downtime and enhanced efficiency with oversight of camera and equipment installation, testing and calibration.
  • Conducted demonstrations on proper handling of Nuclear Medicine Procedures that are performed on geriatric, adolescent, pediatric, and neonatal patients to ensure procedural accuracy and efficiency.
  • Developed a procedural presentation on radiation safety and procedures to reduce fear of radiation exposure for new personnel and ensure proper procedures were complied with.
  • Trained students to prepare them to pass the NMTCB and ARRT Board Exams and translated tests in various languages to reduced patient anxiety and provided impetus to pass exams.
  • Maintained accurate and complete patient and departmental records that ensured there were no citations from the State Inspector in a 10-year period.
  • Managed insurance billing and coding of patient ensuring accuracy and 100% compliance.
  • Designed Nuclear Medicine Tests with setup workflows that were customized for each physician's preferences.
  • Received Certificate of Service in Appreciation of 5 Years Dedication and Commitment to Sinai Health System's Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Quality, and Teamwork.
  • Achieved 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating and Employee of the Month.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Worked as Nuclear Cardiology Technologist for this four physician group cardiology practice.

  • Played a key role in setting up the new hot lab and camera installation for this new clinic according to NRC regulations and assisted physicist in doing quality control of all new equipments.
  • Performed cardiac exercise/pharmacologic stress exams and MUGA scans for a large volume of patients.
  • Processed and optimized computer images to enhance diagnostic information for the Radiologist.
  • Ordered pharmaceuticals / radiopharmaceuticals on a daily basis or as needed. Including the notification of returned/unused doses.
  • Prepared and administered by injection and intravenous, radiopharmaceuticals to patients.
  • Responsible for all equipment's daily, weekly QC's and hot lab management.
  • Ensured office is operating in an appropriate manner with employees and patients are in a clean, safe, secure, and professional clinical office setting.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Intern

Greeted patients, reviewed charts and history for pertinent information, and explained procedures.

  • Performed nuclear cardiology SPECT imaging, nuclear medicine scans, therapeutic procedures, and processed computer generated data.
  • Prepared, calibrated, and administered radiopharmaceuticals (radionuclides, radioisotopes, radioactive tracer compounds) and pharmaceuticals.
  • Operated imaging, laboratory, and computed equipment/instruments and radioactive assaying devices in compliance with quality control procedures, protocols, and ALARA radiation safety and protection standards.
  • Evaluated, developed, and enhanced diagnostic quality of images; created additional views as required.
  • Received/inspected radiopharmaceutical material packages and maintained records of use, storage, and disposal in accordance with state and federal regulations.
  • Maintained orderly, clean, contamination- free room conditions.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Performed Nuclear Cardiology studies (Myocardial Perfusion, MUGA SPECT, First Pass Analysis, etc).

  • Prepared radioactive materials for nuclear-cardiac procedures.
  • Performed administrative duties.
  • Provided patient care and assisted cardiologists needs.
  • Doubled the number of Cardiac nuclear medicine studies implementing new standards to evaluate patients.


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