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Homeworkz Singapore Map

Stayed for 9 nights with wife. 6th visit to Singapore - 1st in MBS.

Contrary to some of the comments posted on here previously, here are some facts & my own subjective views:-

This hotel is a tourist attraction in itself - it is always busy. If you do not like crowds do not go!!! Try the Mandarin Oriental - about the same price for same room but a lot more restrained and quiet.

PAY - for a high room to get the view. If you do not pay - do not moan if you are not upgraded free. We stayed in a city view club room & were extremely impressed. Breakfast in the club lounge on 57th floor truly excellent.

The service for the size of hotel is excellent. This place is the size of a large Vegas hotel and for me the service is far superior in Singapore than in Vegas. We found the staff cheerful & obliging - every one of them.

The views from the Skypark/ pool are unbelievable and worth the 20 dollar price even if you are not staying at the hotel.

Taxis from MBS and in Singapore generally are plentiful & amongst the cheapest in the World - yes the World - although there are small supplements to be paid on Sundays, at night and at rush hour. A 35 minute taxi ride to Singapore zoo cost us 23 dollars (about 11 pounds or 15 us)

You can also get a water taxi to the merlion - 4 dollars or walk over the double helix bridge (reached via the underground passage to the 'shoppes' & reach anywhere in the city on foot. It is however very, very hot!!!!!

Went into the casino - its free for foreigners presenting their passport. Did not recognize some of the games but roulette, dice & slots are in abundance. Incredibly busy at night. Even if you dont bet go to see how much money some people have to lose. Free water & coffee.

The one disappointing part of MBS was the foodcourt, attaching to the 'shoppes' - Without a shadow of doubt the worst and most expensive foodcourt we have been to in Singapore. In a city where good food is everywhere even a foodcourt in a large shopping centre needs to be better and cheaper than this. Suntec city mall has a far superior and far cheaper foodcourt than this on its ground floor. For the authentic local eateries try the foodcourt in Bras Basah complex - even though its accross the road from Raffles you rarely see a tourist in there. More touristy places to eat at a foodcourt would be Lau Pa Sat or Peoples Park Complex - both cheaper & better than the one at MBS.

The high end restaurants in the 'shoppes' may well be ok but we did not try them.

Whilst of course bad experiences can arise anywhere a lot of the negative stuff is because people are not managing their own expectations. This is by no means a cheap hotel - so if you are going to go - great go with an open mind - but do your homework & decide whether it is for you.

- Она надулась.  - Если не скажешь, тебе меня больше не видать. - Врешь. Она ударила его подушкой.

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