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Media Personal Statement Help For Free

If you are looking for a media and communications personal essay to apply to an undergraduate or graduate school program, personal statement writers recommends that you demonstrate an understanding of key debates in media and culture. We employ only those writers who specialize in the field of communication and media studies to write application papers in this particular subject area. If you are looking for an impressive application essay that will highlight your motivation and dedication to becoming a media and communications specialist, consider our professional writing services! If want to get accepted into an undergraduate or graduate program, contact us immediately for assistance!

Media and Communications Personal Statement

William Bernbach, who was the American executive from 1911 to 1982, once said: “All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.”  These wonderfully wise words reveal the entire essence of the media because today it is one of the most powerful tools that can shape the public opinion. To add my own contribution to the development of society as a communication expert means to analyze how media is and can be used for the greater good. In the face of existing and pervasive advertising and poor programming, my goal is to study how media influences people’s perception of their reality and the wide range of communication methods.
After graduating from the University of San Diego, where I had a major in media and communications, I pursued a career in XX, where I was an assistance editor for over two years. After some time, I began to notice that sensationalist news was much more popular than the arts or science sections. Media helps inform society about the latest gossip, violence, and opinions that characterize our day to day communications. I hope to earn my MA from the Department of Media and Communications at the University of XX so that I may enhance my current knowledge and become a Media Analyst. I chose the University XX because the staff consists of honored professors with extensive practical experience who can share their experiences from a real-world perspective. Media and communications studies can provide interesting and necessary insight into how individuals communicate and explore methods on how to improve that communication.

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A Media and Communications Personal Statement Is Applicable To:

  • applicants for Masters programs in media and communication
  • applicants for Ph.D. research projects in communication and media
  • admissions for media studies
  • applications for degrees in media production
  • Interactive media applications
  • admissions in digital media
  • applicants interested in media practice courses.

Engaging Stats

The statistical and fact-based info mentioned below would rise your knowledge more about preparing personal statements in an ideal manner:

  • The media management personal statement must not be longer than 50 lines. Make sure that the font size should be 12.
  • Every seven out of ten personal statements are accepted due to the unique content is written in them. This only happens in most of the universities based in U.S. The criteria also matters created by each institution.
  • Applicants who never follow the actual method of writing personal statement are 20% less likely to get accepted for their chosen academic programs.

Three Never-To-Do Mistakes in Personal Statements

These mistakes are highly recommended to keep in mind when you start working on the personal statement:

  1. Not following the mass communication personal statement sample for improving the writing skills.
  2. Making corrections once after writing the personal statement.
  3. Use of bullet points in every paragraph results in showing your personal statement weakest. Try to write it in five to six paragraphs (based on 4-5 lines each).

Never underestimate any of these mistakes. If you are serious about writing a pro-like personal statement, you need to ignore such mistakes for it.

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Sample Media Personal Statement

During my lifetime, the way in which media is produced and consumed has changed in leaps and bounds. When I was born television was the cutting-edge medium, largely offering shows produced by and containing professional actors and broadcasting professionals. Now, as I have reached an age where I can think about my career options, due to technological advances audio-visual and print media can be consumed virtually anywhere, and can be produced by anybody with access to just a few pieces of consumer electronics. People of my generation have benefitted from these advances for a wide range of reasons, but in my particular case it has helped me to realise that a career based around my passion for a range of forms of media is not beyond my grasp. With the right studies and training, I believe that I have the skills and determination to succeed in the fascinating world of media.

My media interests are broad, ranging from the web and print journalism to radio, film and television. My enthusiasm for all these types of media from the perspective of a consumer of media has developed an entirely new dimension through taking media studies at school. In the two years that I have been taking the subject, I have felt privileged to be able to learn the theories behind different forms of media, but above all I have loved discovering the practical side of media production, whether classes have involved learning about using hardware and software, or putting into practice the production techniques that we have studied. The combination of theory and practice has also changed the way I consume media. For example, I now watch news reports with much more of a critical eye, aware of the ways in which editing and other post-production techniques can be used to present information from a particular perspective.

I am eager to immerse myself in the theories and practice of media production through university study, not to mention have the chance to work with like-minded young people who are equally keen to work in this exciting industry. I am particularly excited by the prospect of being able to work on in-depth productions projects that will allow me to gain expertise in using modern production technology. Inspired by what I have studied so far and my pre-existing love of TV, radio, journalism and the web, I am determined to learn the skills required to pursue a successful career in the media industry. I feel I have many of the personal attributes that are beneficial for a career in media production. I am hardworking and prepared to make considerable sacrifices for work that motivates me; I enjoy working with other people in a creative environment; I thrive under pressure; I love to communicate.

My interest in being involved in media production has been strengthened by my recent work experience. Over the summer I worked as a general assistant at Siren FM. The experience was a great introduction to the challenges of working in live media; I learnt that it is crucial for each member of the team to be highly skilled in their role to avoid mistakes. I gained a thorough grounding in using a wide range of equipment. I particularly enjoyed learning how to use editing equipment; I learn that good editing is an absolutely essential skill in media production, and it could even be argued that it is one of the fundamental factors that divide professional broadcasting from the work of amateurs. I also gained experience in some of the preparation work that many people would not realise is central to the production process, such as researching material and fact-checking. This placement has had a big influence on my decision to study media production. It gave me a taste on how rewarding and addictive working in this sector can be, and also taught me thorough training is an essential pre-requisite for entering the industry. Indeed, I enjoyed the experience so much that I am continuing to volunteer at Siren.

We hope this sample Media Personal Statement has been a helpful example.

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