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Lucky has given you some good events in Canadian History.

Since you have to write an argumentative essay (You have to make a point and prove it, as in a debate against someone who can argue the opposite) you need to answer a question such as "Was the Halifax Explosion avoidable?" "Was the Battle of Vimy Ridge or Passendale a Significant Victory or a Defeat?" (I mean, did either contribute to winning the war? Was either worth the sacrifice?) "Why was conscription contentious - especially in Quebec?"

The Persons Case, The Winnipeg General Strike and the Internment of Japanese-Canadians were also contentious. "Did Canada need a publically funded radio / tv network? [the CBC]"

Although the Canadian Flag debate was after World War Two - that was a contentious issue too. I was a child then, and I remember all the kerfluffle about keeping the Red Ensign with its British connection; about how many leaves should be on the flag (Ontario has three; but did anyone want an Ontario symbol) - or if there should be maple leaves because there were few or no maple trees in Saskatchewan and the North, should there be fleur-de-lys for the French-Canadian foundation; the colour of the bars on either side.

I suggest you pick something you can feel strongly about. If you are pro- or anti- trade unions, the Winnipeg General Strike would be a good incident for you. The Persons Case would be good to research if women's rights or women's history stirs you. The Residential ["Indian"] Schools if native rights or minorities issues stir you. (Or the Internment or even the Manitoba Schools Question. I wasn't around there at the time, but I heard from my grandparents it caused a lot of heat because French could be taught in schools; but German and Ukrainian could not be taught in Mennonite / Hutterite "colonies" or communities of other ethnic groups in the west.) You see, there was a lot of prejudice and hostility between the "English" [that's my grandfather's word for the previously settled western Canadians] and the Eastern European immigrants on the Prairies, as there was between the English and the Metis. Would Canada be "English" or multicultural?

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