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British Literature Research Paper Ideas College

Outstanding Topics For Doing A Research Paper On British Literature

Like any research paper, it is really hard to come up with a precise and unique topic for your general subject but it can be done. Struggling with the topic can make you feel defeated but if you would just take your subject and then start to think outside the box you are sure to come up with something excellent. Now to start your paper or even come up with a topic you have to know what exactly British literature is about. It deals with literature and people from the United Kingdom and Europe. To get a grasp on really good British Literature, I think that you need to get a grasp on certain time periods, such as the medieval and renaissance periods. These periods really influenced not just Europe but the entire world. Here are a few ideas for some topics:

  • Castles and knights: This really is what people think of when they here medieval period or think of Europe in general. Still today Europe has many castles still standing, they are not being occupied anymore, but the mystery about them still exists.
  • Executions and punishment: many of us see on television shows of movies how many people were publicly executed. The hanging of individuals was very common and usually viewed at kind of like a sporting event, the whole town would come out to watch these acts of punishment and think nothing of it.
  • William Shakespeare: Now this is more of a common one and there is a lot to write about from his life all the way to his famous work such as Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. I think that this topic can be a really good one but you have to be careful because it is such a popular topic and has been done time and time again.
  • St. Patrick: this is another really good one because many people have forgotten or haven’t been taught about St. Patrick. People hear about this one and they automatically assume that we are talking about the holiday that we celebrate. I think that it is safe to say that we associate drinking and parades and the color green with the word or phrase St. Patrick and not the actual saint himself. When you start to look up who exactly he is I think that you will be amazed at his life and his struggles.

Once again I think that it is better to think outside the box and come up with some unique topics rather than doing what you think is going to be easiest because sometimes the paper gets boring because it is what the reader expects.

20 Easy Research Paper Topics for English

Most students have to produce papers on the English language or literature at some point, but few are passionate enough about these subjects to pick a deep and complicated one to explore. If you are looking for a topic that is easy to write and rich in material, here are twenty ideas:

  1. Origins of the English language. The assimilation of Anglo-Saxon dialects into those of early British tribes. The Roman influence; similarities and differences with continental Germanic languages.
  2. Old English. The effects of Viking raids on its development.
  3. Middle English. The impact of the Norman Conquest.
  4. Early Modern English. The influence of the Industrial Revolution. The history of London’s dialect being accepted as the standard.
  5. Cross-cultural influences of the English language. The origins and development of a particular English dialect: American, Afro-American, Creole, Aboriginal, Indian, or Asian.
  6. Gender controversy in modern English. The correct use of nouns and pronouns in situations where gender is unclear. Gender-sensitive words. The relationship between the increasing role of women in the public sphere and gender changes in the English language.
  7. Challenges of learning English as a second language (ESL). This topic may especially appeal to you if English is actually your second language.
  8. Shakespeare’s contribution to English literature. This is one of the most obvious choices, but you can still produce an interesting paper about Shakespeare’s work or a character that you are really passionate about.
  9. Victorian literature.
  10. The imagist movement in English literature.
  11. American literature. The differences between literature of the North and the South.
  12. Afro-American literature.
  13. Contributions made to English literature by Indian writers.
  14. Female writers in English literature.
  15. Scottish writers in English literature.
  16. Irish writers in English literature.
  17. An author’s life story. Investigate the impact of the author’s biography on the style, topics, and characters of his or her books – for example, what made Upton Sinclair write “The Jungle.” Such papers are always interesting to read, and they do not take much effort to write.
  18. Presentation of women in literature. Compare and contrast female characters in old and new books, or conduct a case study on a famous female character.
  19. The sociological and political impact of a particular book.
  20. A banned book. Explore the story of a famous book that has been banned from school libraries, e. g. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or Harry Potter. Identify and evaluate the reasons for its removal. Such a controversial topic will arouse the interests of readers.

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